Special Report - The Art of Happiness


The Art of Happiness

It’s time to find your happy. Read on for ideas on how yoga and other wellbeing tips and tricks can help elevate your endorphins and get you smiling through the summer

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The Joy Of Stillness

Yoga, Meditation & Breathing

Happy Hearts Yoga

A Simple Sequence

Happiness Is Love

It’s All You Need

Find Peace, Find Happy

Eternal Contentment

Kundalini Kriya

For Pleasure & Happiness

Yoga = Happiness

A Formula For Joy

OM’s cover star this month, Jessamyn Stanley, on happiness:

“For me, happiness exists in the present moment. I have
the choice to smile right now — and there is always a
reason to smile. Even when everything has gone to sh*t,
and when it’s all horrifying, there is always something to
smile about. People who have experienced deep trauma
know this more than anyone else.”


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