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Why we need yoga more than ever

Creating positive habits in tough times. Anouschka Dack looks at why there’s never been a better time to start yoga.

I  was really surprised the other day when my mentor said:  “There has never been a better time to find the connection to  your inner self.”

Surely, that must be a mistake? Would it not be easier to  connect when we are not stressed, anxious and fearful? The  pandemic and the news can leave us feeling worried about our future,  creating niggling doubts about who we are, what we believe and what  our place is in our world.

However, I’ve discovered amongst this crisis of self-worth, there is  also a strong call from the heart to find our inner connection; to find the  balance and harmony we all seek. It’s almost as if, with the heightened  anxiety many face there is an opposite and equal call to inner peace.

Covid-19 has forced vast swathes of our population to stay home,  to not be distracted by shopping, money or entertainment. Instead,  we’ve had to come back to our core and face up to questions like: Who  are the most important people in our lives? and How do we spend our  precious time?

By being in lockdown, so many of us have been confronted with our  habits; the good, the bad and yes — even the ugly! So, the question is:  How do we find our inner connection? The simple answer — yoga  and meditation

Building the right habits

We often perceive the word ‘habit’ to be associated with the word ‘bad’. But essentially a habit is just a process by which the brain saves us time and energy by creating and following well-used pathways through the jungle of our mind.

Habits (or vasanas in Sanskrit) are anything we do or think that is the result of learned behaviour. Our happiness, success and sense of fulfilment is actually a direct reflection of our habits. Essentially, what we think and do on a daily basis shapes the person we become.

Practicing yoga and meditation regularly can make a big difference in creating a positive life experience. From a strong, healthy body to a resilient mind and joyful emotions, it is well worth investing your time and energy into creating a daily practice. The good news? Here are my top three keys to building new positive habits.


Set aside a small amount of time each day for your practice. But remember, it’s said to take between 21 to 40 days to establish a new routine, so don’t give up too early and make sure your practice is small enough to be sustainable.


Consider the reason why you want to establish this new habit. How will it improve your life and the lives of those around you? Then, plan for accountability.


Find something you love about your new practice and make it fun, meaningful and enjoyable. This removes any fear or anxiety that surrounds change and creates easy and steady progress towards your goals.

Need a helping hand?

Having a strong support system can make all the difference in helping us achieve a regular practice. Joining an online yoga studio gives you the time and motivation you need (minus the stress and anxiety) to help you navigate through any obstacles that come with building a new yoga or meditation habit. An online membership can also empower you to take time for yourself and give you the techniques and inspiration that are essential to achieving sustainable change on a mental, physical and emotional level.

The Dru Studio contains easily downloadable tools such as a habit tracker, and gives you one of the most precious gifts: a community of love and support where you can connect with like-minded people from around the world. The Studio also helps you build your sense of accountability by encouraging you to join challenges, motivating you to get consistent through a guided practice.

There has never been a better time to calm our minds, listen to the wisdom of our souls, and find our inner  connection. Join the Dru Studio with a 30-day free trial and become the person you know you came here to be.

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