Serenity at Sea

Yoga retreats exploring some of Scotland’s magical and remote islands by sea

Explore some of Scotland’s incredible islands by sea on a yoga retreat with Hebrides Cruises. The company offers luxury, wildlife small cruise experiences around Scotland’s West Coast and is gearing up for a six-night yoga and wellness retreat this month as part of its summer cruise calendar.

The next yoga cruise departs on 26th August aboard Emma Jane, although this is now all sold out. Next year there will be another retreat, on 16 April 2024, aboard the newest addition to the fleet, luxury superyacht Lucy Mary.

The ‘Serenity at Sea’ cruise brings together a new level of relaxation and restoration with an invigorating yoga experience in the magical seascapes of the Hebrides, says Rob Barlow, owner of Hebrides Cruises. “We guarantee that our yoga cruise guests will leave feeling refreshed, uplifted, that little bit lighter and with renewed energy from being around nature and Scotland’s beautiful seascapes.” Over the course of six nights, guests will enjoy a journey of self[1]discovery and wellness as they travel to new, secluded locations each day to practice yoga. The cruise will take passengers to the most beautiful and idyllic deserted white sand beaches and rocky coastlines while providing an opportunity to experience close encounters with nature and wildlife.

The retreat offers the opportunity to start or deepen your yoga practice, with classes and workshops led by the highly skilled Beyond Asana yoga practitioners, Laura Bicker and Iain Bruce-Low. Guests will also experience other therapies including meditation, reiki, bodywork and traditional Chinese medicine.

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The food sounds pretty great too. Exquisite, healthy dishes will be prepared by renowned chef, William Rocks from the acclaimed Tigh an Truish Inn and Restaurant on Seil Island, a quarter-finalist of the recent Master Chef Professional series. T

he cruise itinerary will take guests through the lochs and bays of the Sound of Mull before progressing to the magical Cairns of Coll in search of cetaceans. Phase two of the journey will journey onwards to the northwestern coastline of Mull to explore many delightful small islands that are home to teeming wildlife. Finally, the vessel will dock in the picturesque bay of Tobermory, renowned for its colourful buildings. “Our focus is on creating unforgettable experiences for our guests,” says Barlow.

“Our crew know exactly where to go at specific times of the year to see the best examples of wildlife in their natural settings.”


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