Rosen Method Bodywork

Rosen Method Bodywork

How our emotions shape our body. By Annabelle Apsion

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It is fascinating to experience the way not only do our experiences and emotions literally ’shape’ us - but to explore the way when we truly meet the body with loving compassion, we have a direct route to our emotional range and inner resources.

I first experienced Rosen Method Bodywork at a weekend workshop - and I still love it when people come to a workshop who have never had a private session or even really know very much about it. That way when they start to experience how it feels when they are ‘open’ - without expecting anything in particular we somehow often seem more available to what we may never have experienced before.

I have a friend - Marsha Ivins - who’s an astronaut in The States. She says people always ask her what space is like - but space is not like anything else we have ever experienced so you cannot compare it to anything.

I find it is the same with Rosen Bodywork - you have to feel it and experience it to know what it is - if you describe it you can’t really. Yes it uses touch, yes it uses some dialogue, yes the presence of the practitioner or teacher is important - the sense of trust in another and in the safe atmosphere a workshop provides -but it is more than this too.

You will feel what it is to drop in to yourself more deeply than you may ever have experienced before. That is why we offer workshops so you can come and find out about it - experience it, learn a bit, watch demonstrations, try simple exercises and most importantly connect with your body, mind and emotions.

If you enjoy it, feel it’s something that may lead you on a journey into an even more expansive and attuned relationship not only with yourself, but also with others - you can come to more courses either for your own personal development, with a view to helping others who you know are limited in their lives by stuck emotional and physical habits, or with a view to training to become a practitioner yourself.

Immerse yourself in something beautiful, boundaried, loving and creative and see what happens? Annabelle Apsion, certified Rosen Method bodywork teacher, supervisor and practitioner, for Rosen Method Training and Therapy Ltd. Visit: or

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