Reverse Warrior (Viparita Virabhadrasana)

Reach for the skies in Reverse Warrior, a naturally energising and uplifting pose


This pose always feels joyous to me. It comes after a Warrior II pose and feels like a release and powerful stretch up to the ceiling and sky. I like this pose because:
• It is an energising pose.
• It is a good stretch in the thighs and hamstrings.
• It is also a good hip-opening pose.

Common Mistakes

I see a few mistakes in classes that should be avoided:
• Forcing the front knee too far forward.
• Rotating the front knee inward and not keeping it straight.
• Placing weight in the back hand instead of engaging the core.


I see lots of varieties to this pose depending on one’s flexibility in their shoulders and strength in the core. Here are my tips to moving from Warrior II into Reverse Warrior:

• From Warrior II with right foot forward, lean forward slightly then inhale your right arm up toward the ceiling.
• Allow your left hang to rest on your left (back) leg and slide down the left leg.
• Move your drishti (focal point) up to your right hand.
• If you have challenges with mobility in the shoulders or your neck you can always lower your gaze or lift your right arm into a comfortable place.


• This pose gives us an opportunity to open up, expand, and breathe deeper. We inhale up into the pose and can stay here for a few breaths, to allow ourselves to expand up towards the ceiling. I find this pose to be really beautiful as we inhale and look up to the sky.

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