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Relaxation the key to a happy and successful life, says former naval officer, Andrew Harry

A Cornish, former naval officer has devised a ground breaking new method to help people both relax and improve their mental and physical wellbeing.

Andrew Harry, from Penzance, combines a blend of simple and effective holistic bodywork, mindfulness and meditation techniques that bring about relaxation for personal health recovery.

Rested-Best consists of a short programme of personally-tailored sessions that are both preventative and restorative. They are aimed at supporting your health and wellbeing as well as promoting resourcefulness and resilience,” he says. “All the techniques used are tried and tested and provide medication-free solutions to tension and fatigue.”

With 15 years experience as a wellbeing specialist, he knows what he’s talking about.

“The health recovery programme helps you experience a deeply relaxed state that I call your ‘rested-best’. It helps you manage stress and anxiety more effectively, for you to recover from fatigue and over-exertion more quickly and ultimately for you to feel better about yourself and your world.”

Harry is co-founder and director of The Relaxation Academy, which is bringing together ideas for training and education in the art of relaxation, including holistic bodywork, mindfulness and meditation.

He runs a clinic in Penzance each week and has also written a book entitled The Emperor’s New Self that describes the personal journey to find certainty through relaxation.


He says the book offers a way to look at the mechanism behind the journey to help you find what it is you truly want. The motivation behind the book was to capture and share the underlying model behind Rested-Best and for it to complement his work.

“Our clients soon learn that they have experienced a refreshing new way to  relate to their environment, to others  and especially to themselves. It’s safe to  say it offers a personal revolution in the process of relaxation. Our embodiment solutions enable our clients to reclaim their capacity and capability to sustainably perform well and with this to feel better and to genuinely begin to enjoy life more. As the motivational benefits multiply there is more depth in life again as they ignite their internal ambition and realise they can start to dream bigger still.” 

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