Issue 104 – January 2020

Om Yoga Magazine

My Secret Place – East River State Park

East River State Park

Namaste Readers’ Letters January 2020

Namaste Jan 2020

Yoga Changed My Life – Donna Owens

Donna Owens

The age of athleisure

Mantra of the Month – Yes You Can

Yes you can 1300

Hard Rock Hotel Yoga – Rock OM

Rock OM

Yoga & Aromatherapy – Hyssop Oil

Hyssop Oil 2

Amazing Spaces – Yogaloft

Yogaloft 4

OM Loves – January 2020

OM Loves

Kosmos – The Natural Choice

Kosmos - Feature

Planet Yoga January 2020

Muslim Yoga

Yoga at Home – Yoga Twists

Yoga Twists 2

Yoga Anatomy: Reverse Triangle Pose (Parivrtta Trikonasana)

Reverse Triangle Pose - Yoga Anatomy

OM Meets – Sarah Highfield

Sarah Highfield

Ski fit – Yoga and Skiing

Yoga is for all abilities and disabilities

The Body Positivity Blog – 3 simple things to know before you commence your journey on the mat this year.

Body Positivity

Create a healthy new you – Anna Brook

Headstand – Jérôme Lahore


Relaxation the key to a happy and successful life

Yoga’s outliers

Eco sanitary wear, about bloody time

Your planet-friendly period

Go naturelle – take control of your period this year

switch to more eco-friendly sanitary products

The cost of your period

Menstrual cups and more

Yoga for beginners

6 reasons why you should start yoga

Yoga for beginners – choosing the right mat

Beginning yoga at home

Which yoga is right for you – style guide

The ultimate beginners yoga survival kit

Yoga studio etiquette

Yoga Nidra – The art of relaxation

Hard habits

Break the habit

Yoga V smoking

Bringing awareness to your breath

Light up your root chakra

Leek and Garlic Twist Bread

Eat drink yoga – January 2020

Eat Drink Yoga

Foodie trends for 2020

Yoga philosophy for teens and tweens

Come fly with me – building good karma as you travel

My Yoga Biz – Georgie Davis

Georgie Davis

The importance of continuous professional development in yoga

Do yoga teachers need a union?

Is yoga the answer to workplace stress?

Yoga is for every body – January 2020

Yoga is for Every Body

OM Travel – January 2020

A detox for life

Perfectly imperfect

Issue 104 – January 2020