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Organic Savannna Candles

Using upcycled glass bottles sourced by local communities from Nairobi streets and landfills, these candles come in a recyclable cardboard box or in a reusable mud cloth bag. A range of delicious aromas available, including Cedar, Orange & Soy, Frankincense and Palmarose & Soy.


Scalloped Heart Essential Oil Diffuser Necklace

Inhale. Exhale. Find your calm in style with this pretty diffuser necklace from She Sells Shell Smells. Wear your favourite essential oil blend whether you’re on the mat or going about your day. Just one drop of oil on the ceramic shell is enough for it to be absorbed and slowly release the aroma, lasting a couple of days. Each one is mindfully handmade from natural materials. Also available in other designs.



Introducing the YOUBYOU yoga mat enriched with Biocrystals, a powder of 16 different crystals, selected for their proven, strong, relaxing effects on body and mind. The first yoga mat that gives relaxation! You can personalise your mat with four different crystal gem options (amethyst, rose quartz, lapis lazuli or onyx) in a lotus petal shape — the lotus is a symbol for growth, transformation and development; it’s the flower of rebirth and spiritual enlightenment. The elemental energy from the crystals inside the mat will enhance your yoga and meditation practice and give you a more conscious experience.


3-in-1 Soul Mist STILL Pillow Mist & Room Spray

Multi-tasking ‘feel good’ mist, creates active positive energy as you spritz: the pure water produced by deionisation removes heavy metals and pollutants, using advanced ion exchange technology, ensuring its purity and potency. Being alcohol-free preserves the potency of the essential oils. Add to your meditation and yoga practice to ground you in the present moment and to create a haven of calm. Helps quieten a stressed and restless mind, before sleep, by using as a pillow spray, or spritz it around you again in the morning, to get you out of bed!
£18 (30ml), £35 (100ml)

Be Mindful Be Happy Organic Cotton Eco-friendly Meditation Yoga Zafu Cushion Pouffe - Light (2)

Be Mindful Be Happy Meditation Cushions

Beautiful organic cotton meditation cushions from Be Mindful Be Happy. Ideal for anyone who is at the beginning or some way along their mindfulness journey as they help with comfort and motivation when practicing (and they look beautiful and have very strong ethical credentials too!). Each cushion comes with a free audio download guided mediation to help support your practice.
£30 (unfilled), £40 (filled)


Nuasan Active Body Wash

Crafted as part of a range of bodycare products specifically tailored for sports and active people. Enriched with natural magnesium and arnica so you can recover quicker, perform better and feel great. Both ingredients help to relieve sore muscles and joints as well as stiffness, tiredness and aching muscles. A real gamechanger, it also contains L+pH Control, a unique naturally antibacterial ingredient that tackles problems caused by sweat to give you long-lasting body freshness, super-soft skin and fewer breakouts. Naturally hygienic, it works by bringing the skin’s pH level back to its normal state meaning bad bacteria can no longer thrive on your skin.


Miss Molly Myga: The Moo-ditating Cow

Miss Molly Myga is a happy, cuddly, soft plush cow with built-in cartilage framework to bend and stretch freely into all kinds of yoga poses. With yoga, mindfulness and meditation, Molly has learned how to manage her emotions and can help children to do the same. Molly comes with 45 card variations focusing on yoga poses, mindfulness activities, breathing exercises, visualisations and learning cards to help children feel grounded, improve focus, stretch and build strength, and learn about yoga.


The Bee's Knees Journal

This British-made journal, created by Kelly Terranova (who writes in this month’s OM), is the antidote to the modern perfection culture. A slice of realist feel good, it uses prompts to support people in leaning in to uncertainty, working through difficult emotions and finding gratitude in the small but mighty moments. Free from toxic positivity, the journal shows the true power of learning how to thrive in a healthy way, whilst celebrating the complex beauty of life in all its stages. 10% of profits are donated to Huntington's Disease Research.

Om Magazine

First published in November 2009, OM Yoga magazine has become the most popular yoga title in the UK. Available from all major supermarkets, independents and newsstands across the UK. Also available on all digital platforms.