OM in 30 Seconds - February 2022


Inspiring human alert! Make sure you read our exclusive interview with the amazing Faisha, the one-legged yogini, who’s using yoga to help and inspire others on and off the mat. She’s a true yoga inspiration to all. OM Meets Faisha

Woman doing yoga on the green grass on the top of the mountain with beautiful view at sunset or sunrise. Tree pose or vrksasana with hands together up above head. Relaxation, harmony with nature

Find your inner zen this month in our special report, Peace Out, with tips, insight and ideas on how to reconnect to the calm that is always within you. Now is the time to rediscover that innate and eternal bliss. Peace Out


Love conquers all! Whether you’re in love with life, your soulmate, or yourself, this is the month to embrace that most powerful of human experiences…the power of love! Celebrating all that’s great about love. Valentine’s Report

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