Om and Bass Retreat Festival

Om and Bass Retreat Festival
Om and Bass Retreat Festival
Om and Bass Retreat Festival

Om and Bass Retreat Festival

5-7 June: Hervas (Extremadura), Spain
+ Om & Bass UK (10-12 July)

Om and Bass Retreat Festival, Spain is set to be an utterly fabulous experience this summer. Surrounded by mountains, forests, rivers, fresh springs and waterfalls, you’ll have no choice but to ‘chill with the still’ and be a complete and utter Zentalist. The site itself has rivers and rockpools to splash about in, as well as a swimming pool to relax beside.

And the schedule is looking as hot as the weather. Opening the event is Richard Enion of ENRICHD with his Magical Chinese Tea Ceremony Meditation. Expect all types of yoga, dance, meditation, sound healing, crafts, kids’ stuff, women’s work, energy work (tai chi/qi gong)
and relaxations.

There will be awesome live reggae DJ’s in the evenings to entertain you. Rach Cox and Idoia Mendez, the co-creators, will be closing the festival with a joyous ceremony including dance, singing and breath work.

Make time to visit the stunning historical medieval town of Hervas nearby and all that it offers.
A true hidden gem and a terrific event for all the family. All levels and abilities welcome.


Costs £225 for three days and two nights. Kids spaces £85.
Includes: two night’s accommodation (bunk bed in lovely country cabins); three fresh vegan meals daily; over 50 workshops; luggage collection from the bus stop in Hervas village; beautiful walk to the site from the village; two night’s dancing and awesome live DJ’s; all the fresh air and mountain spring water you can take! Book flights into Madrid and ensure you land in good time on Friday to catch the correct bus to Hervas (with bus companies Monobus and CEVESA).

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