WIN! The necksaviour - 17 prizes to be won

The necksaviour: an innovative and award-winning neck pain and headache relief product -
17 prizes to be won

This month we’ve teamed up with necksaviour, an award-winning neck pain and headache relief company that produces the innovative necksaviour — 17 prizes up for grabs in total.

Save our necks!

We aren’t very kind to our necks! We spend too long looking at phones and sitting poorly. Stress, work, dealing with kids, the gym etc, can take their toll. 50% of adults suffer with neck pain each year. Often muscle spasm and tension headaches are linked. So be kind to your neck with necksaviour!

necksaviours gently stretch your neck for neck pain and headache relief. Easy to use, incredibly portable, durable and comfortable, necksaviours were invented by a physio and there’s a reason why they have won three design excellence awards!

Just bend necksaviour, relax on it and feel the stretch! Bending necksaviour creates a spring effect which comfortably stretches the neck, relieving pressure on joints and nerves, as well as helping improve posture, spinal alignment and blood flow to muscles.

So if you suffer with neck pain and headaches, know somebody who does or if you want to take your classes to another level necksaviour can help!

What's up for grabs?

1st prize — necksaviour Mini 10 pack (one winner) — worth £237
2nd prize — necksaviour Mini 5 pack (one winner) — worth £130
3rd prize — necksaviour Mini — 15 runners-up prizes (15 winners) — worth £29 each

Terms and conditions apply. Closing date for entries: 18th May 2023

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