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Yogi bears

I am a therapeutic play practitioner at a primary school in Scotland (near Glasgow). I read your magazine each month and love it. I run an after-school club in mindfulness, yoga and reflexology. Your magazine has helped me greatly and I particularly loved the yoga for children feature in September’s issue and then the teacher zone ‘Get Sketching’ article in November and then the article on the yoga bear in December’s issue. This inspired me to have a Kevin the Koala bear who is a kindness bear and on his yoga headband and t-shirt he gives the children mindful messages like ‘Be Kind’ which really engages the children. So again thank you as your magazine helps me enrich my club for the children. I feel there should be more clubs like this in primary schools as we really should help children’s health and wellbeing as early as possible.
Madeline, by email

Jasmine Sara

Year to remember

it’s been fun planning my year out with the OM 2020 calendar, which came with my January issue. A whole year of yoga inspiration — thank you OM! Now I just need to book a lovely summer holiday yoga retreat and write it in very large letters so I can start counting the days!
Jemma, by email

Editor’s note: OM will be publishing a special report on yoga travel in April showcasing dozens of the best retreats from all over the world. Be sure you include it in your research!


Yoga Nidra

Great to see the feature on Yoga Nidra in your January issue. Despite the huge rise in popularity in all things yoga in recent years, I still believe that many people remain largely unaware of Yoga Nidra and its incredible power.  Taking just 20 minutes for a Yoga Nidra each day can have such a transformative effect on your life and overall health.  It definitely works for me!
Mo, by email


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