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Kino rocks!

It was wonderful to see Kino MacGregor in your July issue. She’s been a real inspiration to me during my many years of yoga practice. I’ve been to some of her workshops and love her online classes too, so it’s great to see her recognised in your magazine.
Andrea, by email

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Anatomy academy

I’m really enjoying your 360º Yoga series again. The interactive app version is an incredibly useful and versatile tool to have available, especially for those of us trying to get to grips with this complex subject. It’s great to know you’re in expert hands.

Georgina, by email

Party on, dude

What a great summer it’s been so far. International Yoga Day seems a long way off now (June 21) and so does my fortnight’s holiday in the Algarve, but yoga has been the thread that has kept it all together, especially when the partying gets too crazy! I’ve been going to classes three times a week and keeping up my home practice (well, with a lot more discipline than usual anyway!). And then there’s your magazine, a great little booster when I do start flagging. Long live the summer!

Megan, by email

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