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Adopt don't shop

Furry friends

I really appreciated your Adopt Don't Shop article that appeared in the February issue. What a sweet story, with some amazing people and their incredible pets! As a proud adopter myself (to Murphy, a gorgeous black lab) it's such an important message to get out there. There are so many adorable animals in need of a home right now. Thank you for sharing the message. 
Mel, by email

Yes, I can do yoga!

I began my yoga journey, at age 57, to encourage a recently-widowed friend out of the house one evening a week. I never foresaw how it would change my life! I've lost three stone in weight and feel calmer and more flexible than I have in years. My husband bought me a subscription to OM for my birthday last July and I am hooked – I read it from cover to cover every month. I have shared your article 'I Can't Do Yoga Because I'm Not Flexible' (from December 2022) with a number of my 60-something friends and OM has convinced them, where I couldn't, to give yoga a try. They're feeling hugely better for it. I'm looking forward to this year filled with more yoga and OM to snuggle up with when I get home! 
Mary, by letter

Not flexible

Just in time

Your March issue arrived just in time for me! I recently moved into a new home and am looking to transform one of the rooms into my own private yoga sanctuary. The DIY Your Own Home Yoga Space feature was great for a bit of inspiration! Perfect timing!
Al, by email

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