The Power of Dance

The Power of Dance

Dance and music as healing modalities. By Karen Ruimy

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As humans we are made of vibrations. Vibrations of light, and of sound. The vibration of our energy is manifested in 3D in our bodies, 4D in our minds and our soul thrives between these dimensions.

Sound is the essential vibration of our universe. Whenever we hear a sound it affects us, be it unconsciously or consciously.

Music by, essence, is the incredible shifter of all our energies. So when we hear music it touches our inner self and transforms us. It can realign us or energise us, or when needed, calm us, depending on the mood of it.

Over the years as a musical artist, dancer and spiritual healer I have found there is not a more powerful shifter than music — it transforms our field of energy without us needing to work hard to make it happen.

But it also has the power to inspire us because it will speak to our soul in a language that our minds may not instantly comprehend. It bypasses the mind hence the beauty of the transformation that music enables.

People always ask me how I can shift heavy energy if I am feeling sad or weighed down. The answer is I play music I love, and dance until I rid myself of the heaviness that was impeding me to feel free or joyous.

Choosing the right music for my spiritual activations is a very important part of my healing practice because each music carries an invisible language that I am connected to. Using dance in my healing workshops is also crucial as it allows people to liberate themselves from the heavy duty healed energies they may be experiencing at that given moment.

During my own personal journey, music and dance have been intrinsic parts of my development and ecstatic experience. Over 30 years ago I was called upon by the spirits to quit my career in banking and realise who I truly was in this lifetime and express it. My spiritual awakening brought me to channel and manifest my healing gifts. Working on myself has revealed myself as the dancer that I never allowed myself to be in my youth.

So I propelled myself to become a professional dancer at a later age and I understood that dancing was an expression of my soul. Each experience in the studio or on stage has always been a moment of revelation or realignment. How grateful I am. Feeling the energy through the expression of my body has been a guide to my soul, and definitely some of the most enjoyable moments of existence.

Feeling the passion of the art of dance brings us so close to the presence of our souls. The same goes for singing; the voice is an incredible instrument of the soul on earth. Being able to practice singing is one of the most aligned arts of the soul, discovering its presence, its message, its progress.

I am working right on a new healing modality using dance and music as the main release and enjoyment in the offering. I believe each soul has a sound that expresses through many arts and it is powerful to let it be expressed.

Music is a god-given gift and we should all use it as part of our soul journey.

Karen Ruimy is a spiritual healer, performer and founder of Kalmar lifestyle products. Visit:

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