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One of Britain's most celebrated spa resorts, Ragdale Hall continues to wow for all the right reasons

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Nestled within the embrace of serenity, Ragdale Hall Spa beckons with an allure that transcends mere luxury. Recently crowned Best Destination Spa 2023, our sojourn to this haven was nothing short of a tapestry woven with extraordinary moments. From the moment we set foot, the staff enveloped us in genuine warmth, their smiles echoing a sentiment that made us feel like cherished guests among old friends.

The journey began with a delightful start as courteous attendants took care of parking the car and handling our bags. Their thoughtful introduction to the surroundings paved the way to a sumptuous room, where we slipped into plush robes and comfy flip flops, shedding the weight of the world in anticipation of what lay ahead.

Ragdale Hall: Award Winning Spa Retreat

The spa's facilities are a testament to opulence and thoughtful design. Serene pools beckon, and the Thermal Spa unveils a mosaic of experiences – from the embracing warmth of a Volcanic Salt Bath to the aromatic allure of the Rose Sauna and the serene contemplation of the Thought Zone. The candlelit pool became a sanctuary where the day's tensions seemed to melt away.

Invigorating exercise classes and aqua gym sessions revitalised our spirits, while the lure of the beautiful outdoors led us on long walks amid sublime scenery. The Heart + Soul Fitness area emerged as a destination within a destination, offering everything from cardio and strength training to dance, Pilates, TaiChi, and, of course yoga. We could book onto a variety of yoga classes from fitness yoga and flow to restorative and yin, allowing us to curate and personalise the visit. So whether yoga was at the heart of our visit, or it sat alongside sound bathing and a cold-water therapy session, a truly bespoke experience was possible.

Complimentary treatments, personalised to our preferences, added another layer of indulgence to our experience. As skilled hands worked their magic, we felt truly rejuvenated, ready to face the world once more. And then, there was the culinary journey – a gastronomic delight crafted by talented chefs. Even for discerning vegans like us, the menu presented a diverse selection of dishes, each made with high-quality ingredients that nourished both body and soul.

Leaving Ragdale Hall was bittersweet. The echoes of rejuvenation lingered, but so did the yearning for the exceptional quality of time spent there. Whether contemplating a full stay or just a day visit, Ragdale Hall Spa stands as a testament to personalised and rejuvenating experiences. As I eagerly count down the days until my return, I anticipate savouring that extraordinary feeling once more, a feeling that transcends mere luxury and becomes a transformative journey into wellbeing

Ragdale Hall: Award Winning Spa Retreat
Ragdale Hall: Award Winning Spa Retreat 2

Ragdale Hall Spa
Melton Mowbray
LE14 3PB

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