Happy new year, you lovely OM yoga community. Welcome to 2024!

We’re starting the year with a burst of positivity for you, with lots of great yoga goodies to unwrap after all the seasonal frivolities. Dive in for ideas and inspiration…you never know where this yoga journey will take you.

Our aim here at OM HQ is to inspire, entertain and inform, but most of all we want to throw a warm embrace around our lovely community, all you wonderful warriors out there in the world doing extra special work to raise the vibration of this little planet of ours.

And remember: for limitless, 24/7 inspiration, be sure to visit our digital OM platform for more exclusive articles and other fab content. Whatever the time of day, we’ll be there!

Wherever you find yourself at the start of 2024 — in Portugal or Peru; happy or sad; in love or you’ve just been dumped — yoga is still there to see you through, like a friend who’s on your side no matter what. Just roll out your mat and feel that yoga hug.

The yoga community is creative, talented, and full of energy to help power you on. Whatever style of yoga you’re into — Hot Yoga, Iyengar, Kundalini, or whatever — there’s a commonality between us, a thread that connects and unites. We’re all on your side.

(And for all you beginners out there who don’t know the differences in styles, let’s just say you’ve picked the right team just by signing up to that very first class…go on, just do it!)

Though it may seem the world is in a peculiar place right now, you are the master of your own destiny. The simple act of going to a yoga class, and regularly, is a statement by you that you want things to improve.

There’s enough evidence that yoga works wonders. It may not change the world overnight, but, bit by bit, it will change you…and a more powerful heartfelt version of you is exactly what we need right now.

So get to it. Roll out your mat and begin your practice today. And afterwards, keep the flame alive with OM, we’re all rooting for you right here!




Jan/Feb 2024

Issue 149 - January/February 2024

Yogi: Dawn Harlow
Website: dawnharlow.com
IG @dawnharlow11

Photographer: Anas Ali
Website: @hb_anas

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