Vision Boards

A Beginner's Guide to Vision Boards

Manifest your dreams. Louise Bartlett explains how.

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As we embrace a new year, the opportunity for a fresh start presents itself. Let's delve into creating your perfect vision board, a first step toward a life in alignment with your deepest desires. Vision boards have earned their place as a key tool of self-transformation, providing an avenue for intention[1]setting, clarity, and conscious decision-making, becoming an external reflector of your internal desires.

What are vision boards?

Vision boards, or dream boards, are powerful tools to visualise and manifest your goals. They represent your desires and aspirations through a collage of images, words – even found objects. Creating a vision board is not just about gathering inspirational cut-outs, but aligning yourself with the energy of your intentions and sending a powerful message to the Universe.

A Beginner's Guide to Vision Boards

Making vision boards work

To truly harness the power of your board, it's crucial to visualise, embody, and emotionally connect with your goals. Follow these key steps to create an effective vision board:
Defining Your Goals: Identify key areas in your life, like family, relationships, fitness, or finances, and create a list of goals related to these areas.

Finding Inspiration: Search for words, images, or colours that resonate with your identified goals from various sources, like magazines, postcards, wrapping paper, or nature.
Mapping Out Your Board: Gather crafting materials: scissors, glue, markers, or fabric, and start arranging your inspirational cut-outs on a board without gluing them just yet. When satisfied with the layout, start gluing the images.
Bringing Your Vision Board to Life: Finally, find a special spot for your vision board where you can see it daily. Embody your vision as if it has already been fulfilled, using it as a reminder of your intentions and goals.

Dreams into reality

According to the law of attraction, we magnetise what we concentrate on. A vision board, a concrete depiction of our dreams, keeps our focus sharp, making goals more attainable. Consistent interaction with your board, to reflect and update, can guide the universe in turning your dreams into reality. So, what are you waiting for? Start your journey towards manifesting your dreams today!

 Louise Bartlett, award-winning designer and yoga teacher, has mastered the art of manifesting her dreams through the power of vision boards. Her expertise has garnered recognition on NBC news. Download FREE vision board resources at: to start your own transformative journey

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