Mental Fitness

Mental Fitness

Treadmills are out and trauma release is in…anything goes at Gymbox

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London gym brand Gymbox has launched a series of classes dedicated to mental fitness. Its new ‘Mind’ category, which comprises of five classes, has been specifically designed to support people wanting to invest in their mental health and connect their mental and physical wellbeing. The research-backed classes will support gym goers to strengthen both mental resilience and wellness.

"In a time when looking after our mental health is becoming more appreciated and understood, it's an incredible feeling to know we are able to offer a space for people to switch off and take time for themselves,” said Jess Parkinson, holistic master trainer and Mind category creator.

The five Mind category classes include aerial relaxation ‘Cocoon’ and meditation class ‘The Portal’, with three new classes, each focused on a different aspect of mental health.

For stress, there’s ‘Weight Lifted’, a 30-45min session scheduled for when members need to shake off the day most – literally. Tapping into the principles of Trauma Release Exercises, the session will combine shaking therapy with breathing and movement to help find freedom from the pressures of life.

Members who struggle to get a good night’s kip can ‘Catch Some ZZZs’, a class providing techniques to sleep more deeply. Built around ‘The Military Method’, breathwork and progressive muscle relaxation, it’s the workout where rest becomes the priority.

And finally, there’s ‘Regulate’, a class to help navigate the short and long-term symptoms of anxiety and panic. Through guided journaling, deep relaxation and breathwork, the studio provides a safe space to deregulate the nervous system while being introduced to practical tools to apply in day-to-day life.

“We live in a society that's very achievement driven and that seems to worship ‘busyness’. Taking time out to address our stress, anxiety and overall wellbeing will give us more time in our days, more space in our minds and a healthier relationship with ourselves,” said Parkinson.

Mental Fitness

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