How to...Unlock your Royal ‘Queen Code’

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How to... Unlock your Royal ‘Queen Code’ - By Lydia Kimmerling

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Have you ever found yourself settling for breadcrumbs in life? Maybe it's the meagre paycheque, the lack of love in relationships, or friends who don't truly support you. It's a familiar tale of scraping together whatever morsels you can find to feel whole, happy, validated or accepted. It's a story I know well, a narrative I lived until a transformative concept — the Queen Code — ushered me from beggar vibes to regal authority.

Accepting breadcrumbs means hungering for love, happiness, worth and acceptance. You take what you can get, perpetually longing for more, all while being at the mercy of external circumstances. It's a pattern that keeps you in a perpetual state of craving, searching for validation from others.

The awakening for me came when I acknowledged this aspect of myself. Suddenly, an insatiable hunger emerged, driving me to seek fulfilment in both my work and relationships. Little did I know this hunger would lead me to a profound shift in energy, from a beggar to a queen.

Let me share a valuable piece of self-awareness gained through a dating experience. A wonderful man entered my life, showering me with compliments — something I hadn't experienced in previous relationships. However, I soon realised I was allowing external validation to define my worth. When the compliments waned, so did my sense of self-worth. I was giving away my power, and I needed to reclaim it.

The transformation began with a realisation: I needed to appreciate and value myself. External validation, like compliments, could no longer be the sole source of my self-worth. I made an internal request for change, and during meditation, I received the Queen Code — an energetic activation that changed my life.

As I raised my arm high above my head during meditation, I felt a surge through my body. The shadow of a beggar figure, representing an unseen identity begging for worth, was pulled away. Tears flowed, and a profound sense of empowerment replaced the emptiness. In the days that followed, I felt pride and value, and my approach to work and relationships shifted. The Queen Code isn't a myth; it's a real and transformative process.

The Queen, or King, reigns over their domain, knowing their worth without scratching around for morsels of validation. It's a journey that transcends gender boundaries, unlocking a profound sense of self-worth and value that radiates from the core.

Inner power is about liberation, not domination. It's the freedom to be your authentic self, to know your worth, and to express it with unwavering confidence. This journey is not confined by gender; energy transcends labels. Whether you resonate with the concept of a Queen or a King, it's your inner essence and strength that truly matter.

My encounter with the Queen Code is merely one chapter in the series of energetic activations I experienced in 2023. As we embark on this new year, I'm excited to share with you many more fresh experiences surrounding energy, channeling, and these transformative light activations. It's an odyssey marked by mystical, ethereal, and spiritual ascension, grounding me with a profound understanding of my identity and purpose.

Lydia Kimmerling is the founder of The Happiness Explorer ( To find out more about receiving light activations and many other codes, including the queen code, say hi on Instagram @lydiakimmering

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