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Satsang, Kirtan & Chanting

Experience greater calm, healing and community through the power of sound, music and connection. Bhavini Vyas explores why we’ll all be seeking more good vibrations in the coming year

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This past year saw a huge rise in the number of people seeking out, knowing about, and attending sound baths in all their various forms. For many, the peace and healing attendee’s experience has become a staple part of people’s personal wellness activities.

Its natural evolution from this will be the biggest trend for 2024 and beyond: satsang, kirtan, and chanting. This is not only a personal practice for people who listen to mantras and chants, which impact their mind and environment, but learning how to chant, participating in group events, and even sharing their practice with others is increasing in the UK and around the world.

Satsang, Kirtan & Chanting

I’ve seen a huge increase in the demand for chanting, whether to add a touch of something extra special at inauguration events and private parties, or even huge festivals with kirtan headliners. Many experts within the wellness industry have already started incorporating this ancient sanskrit technique in their offerings, whether they be manifestation experts, angel experts, or even former DJs. A greater understanding of sound, vibration, resonance and its impact on our body-mind complex naturally comes with an increased demand for experiences of listening to or chanting mantras in the form of kirtan and satsang.

Satsang, Kirtan & Chanting

2024 will be all about how each and every one of us can raise our vibrations in daily life — both as individuals, and as the collective, and attending satsangs and kirtans will provide the perfect balance for this. These serve as beautiful events, where one can attend, listen, or participate by joining the chorus, singing, dancing, clapping, or simply being part of the group.

Satsang incorporates so many different parts of people's wellness practices. It includes community, the coming together of different people with the intention to hold space and be in the collective vibrations together. It involves celebration — most aspects of the chanting of kirtan honours consciousness and raises the vibration within ourselves and our surroundings, which naturally has a knock-on effect on a feeling of higher energy, connectedness, and joy.

Satsang also includes philosophy, knowledge and wisdom, whether through storytelling, sharing experiences or poetry from different texts which expand our minds. By being in an environment where the vibrations are holistically raised, our life force energetic vibration makes it easier for us to perceive theories and create thought patterns which can positively impact our lives. This means there will also be a greater understanding of the neuroscience behind chanting and kirtan which has been practiced for thousands of years.

What’s more, satsang is entertaining — the music is beautiful, harmonic and melodic — and who doesn’t love being able to bathe in the bliss and talent of live music, delivered with love and devotion?

Bhavini Vyas is a breathwork, yoga and vedic meditation teacher and devotional singer. Visit: or connect on IG @bhavinivyasldn

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