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Ditch the stress and the struggle and find another way: the ALTR way

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Looking to ring the changes this year and create a more balanced, harmonious life in 2024? Look no further than ALTR Life, a new initiative to help people find greater joy and purpose in life. OM caught up with its co-founders, Michelle Christie and Lianne Murphy, both qualified barristers, to find out more. Here’s what they had to say:

How did you find your way into the health and wellness space?

With over 50 years between us as family law barristers we have witnessed first hand the impact of trauma, societal conditioning and imposed or perceived limitations. Motivated by a desire to break these cycles and unlock the power of the individual to achieve their highest potential, the ALTR brand was born. We have both originated from working class roots and diverse heritages, of which we are both very proud. This meant we had to overcome a variety of challenges to become barristers and succeed in our industry.

In 2004, we started our own Chambers with the aim of creating a professional environment where individuals could have more autonomy about how, where and the degree to which they worked. We promoted taking better care of the self and of one another to reap the rewards in a professional environment. We achieved great success, winning various industry awards including the principal industry award for wellbeing in 2022.

What is ALTR?

ALTR is a revolutionary lifestyle brand that delivers a behaviour and mindset shift by challenging the traditional approach to health and wellness by building a community of like-minded ALTR Natives. Our objective is to assist everyone to achieve and maintain higher levels of happiness and to reach their full potential, whatever the circumstances. The brand is rooted in community and connection. We employ a unique and innovative approach that combines neuroscience, behavioural economics, and ancient Eastern philosophy. The ALTR Method facilitates significant and sustainable change in individuals, businesses and organisations.

In what ways do you help people and what outcomes are you hoping for?

We have created a comprehensive suite of usable and informative solutions that really work. We explain how and why ancient practices work. We succinctly explain science behind the mysticism and make practices accessible to everyone, whatever their mobility, level of experience or wealth.

Our system includes a platform for our users to generate a bespoke wellness programme incorporating every pillar of healthier living; from creating balance, sleep, mental health and resilience, nutrition, movement, yoga, meditation and mindfulness, community and connection and stress management.

We specialise in creating simple but powerful products that tackle issues affecting individuals and corporate wellness in tangible and measurable ways. We believe there is a social benefit in bringing our expertise to a broader audience. We know we can help anyone to live a happier and more productive life and provide tools to combat stress and trauma, including recognising and managing industry specific red flags for health, such as vicarious trauma.

Any quick-win life hacks to improve your day?

A Awareness: Start paying kind attention to yourself. Regularly check in with yourself throughout the day and notice how you are feeling and how you are breathing.
L Leave your phone outside the bedroom and try not to use it for at least the first and last 30 minutes of your day. Top and tail the day with journalling or a gratitude practice of noting three things you are grateful for.
T Two or Three minutes a day. That really is all it takes to build better self-care habits. Start small with tiny pockets of time repeated daily with a short breath practice, meditation or anything else that calms your nervous system.
R Raise your vibration as often as possible. Get outside in nature, which has the highest vibration of all, every day. Sunlight exposure within 30 minutes of waking will reset your circadian rhythm and help regulate sleeping patterns. Sing, dance, laugh, hug and spend time with people you love and give them your undivided attention as often as possible.

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