Everybody Chant Now

The healing powers of mantra, chanting and sound. By Pauline Carpino

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When we hear about sound healing, what often first comes to mind are singing bowls, gongs, tingsha bells and more, but rarely the instrument that we all already possess from birth: our vocal cords. This makes up for the part of sound healing that is very closely connected to daily yogic practices.

The most common and sacred yogic sound known around the world is the famous Aum or Om, the very first sound that ever existed in the cosmos, as mentioned in ancient India’s sacred texts, the Vedas. It is a very powerful and timeless Sanskrit syllable that is often introduced in the frequently called ‘yoga’ classes that are in fact asana practice, or as part of numerous meditation techniques.

The high positive cosmic energy and vibrations of this sound slow down the heart rate and produce a deep sense of calm and overall wellbeing within the body, soul and mind, raising one’s own vibration and awareness.

Over the last few years, I have facilitated many therapeutic groups, using diverse alternative therapies, to support people towards recovery in a mainstream mental health environment. I incorporate different exercises including chakra sounds and mantras chanting.

Regular chanting practice not only induces relaxation and brings relief from physical pain but also improves concentration and helps expand the breathing space in the lungs proving to be particularly useful to manage stress, anxiety and panic attacks.

Yoga and sound bring one’s entire being back into balance.

Pauline Carpino is the founder of Ajna Ayurveda (

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