My place

Yogi: Sarah Highfield
Photographer: Karen Yeomans
Location: London, UK

The photo shows London-based yogini Sarah Highfield stretching out in the UK capital. “London is special to me because it’s where I live,” she tells OM. “It may not have guaranteed sunshine or beautiful beaches, but it’s where I call home.” It’s true: London is one of the coolest cities in the world; in every sense — historically, culturally and geographically — it is a vast place. It is equally diverse and cosmopolitan; it celebrates creativity and you’re never too far away from a park (or rooftop!) for a spot of yoga, she adds. “London is best experienced on foot and one of my favourite things about teaching yoga around the city is that I can walk from one class to the next. No matter how well I think I know the city, there’s always something that surprises me or something new to discover.”