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Curvy Girl Yoga is so much more than the yoga. It’s a space where the women share, laugh and support each other. It is a very important place for them to talk openly and without judgement about their anxieties and experiences. Their practice is beautiful, and I learn a lot from them. They often have so much more body awareness than the people who come to non-curvy classes OM Meets Devaki aka Curvy Girl Yoga

It’s easy to fall asleep again. To stay awake, I must remain vigilant, never forgetting that the ego can lure me back into behaviour damaging to me and the people I love.
I believed I was enlightened, awake, when I walked out of that retreat newly sober back in 2008. But, in my experience, enlightenment is not permanent. It has to be worked at.       A Writer’s Tale


Imagine going to one of the best academic departments in one of the world’s top medical schools, an institution with indisputable credentials, and training to be a yoga teacher: now it’s possible in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioural Sciences in the School of Medicine at Stanford University.
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