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You’ve got the style

I really enjoyed your article on new yoga styles to try (August 2019, issue 99). It’s easy to get stuck with what you enjoy to the extent that you stop exploring new things, so it was a timely reminder for me to step out of my comfort zone once more. I’ll definitely be trying something new this month and will treat myself to a class at a different studio. Self-love all the way!
Megan, by email


Men do yoga too

Just wanted to say thank you for including us men in your presentations of yoga. I practice in the US. Many studios have 10 or 15 women teachers and no men. This is common, and I’m seeing the clear imbalance. I think this needs to be addressed in a public way. Everyone can see the imbalance, and yet nobody wants to talk about it. But your ‘Man on the Mat’ and other presentations with men demonstrating asana nearly as much as women is affirming to me.

Gregory, by email

Shine a light

Thank you OM for shining the light of yoga each and every month in your magazine. OM is a great way to get a quick yoga boost amidst all the busy-ness of day-to-day life. I work full-time and usually practice in the evenings, so it’s great to have your magazine when there’s some downtime, it’s like a having a little extra yoga friend by your side.

Luke, by email

Post class... Sat morning chill. Mrs Bosch is working hard, shopping done. First class @fit_banbridge. Now homemade granola & a quick sneaky peak at one of my fav’s @omyogamagazine Focus of class this morning, gratitude. What are you grateful for today? Me? Right now it’s the few moments of quiet, my brekkie and my yoga practice this morning. justbeyogajt

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