Live Your Dream

Live your dream. Get healthy – and happy – during 2014!

Okay, so you’ve pledged to give up the fags and the booze, to eat more healthily and to shed a few surplus pounds (again). And, of course, to do more yoga. Sounds like any other year, right? Now is the traditional detox time for most folks, with some of us maybe regretting a few of the decisions we made during the party season (you’re not alone). Luckily, a new year gives us the chance to start again, with a clean slate. However, for any changes to be real and long-lasting – whether that’s quitting bad habits such as smoking, or vowing to get on better with the mother-in-law – there must be a genuine and corresponding change in attitude.

This is where things get a little more tricky. Alas, it’s going to take more than a few feeble New Year’s resolutions to break really destructive cycles. To make effective change in your life it’s going to take a bit of thought, soul searching and planning. But put in the legwork now and the rewards could be beyond your wildest dreams. Think of it more as a total life detox, for body, mind and soul, rather than just a desire to burn off all those yummy mince pies.

Dream big and get your whole house in order if you really want to live fabulously this year, rather than just slim down a dress size. And then, of course, draw it all together with a consistent yoga practice to keep you grounded and focused. So get your thinking caps on, jot it all down in your beautiful notebook, and prepare for the greatest adventure of your life. The only thing stopping you creating the life of your dreams in 2014 is you. Go get ‘em tiger.

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