Letting go of 2020

Letting go of 2020

It’s time to let go of the year that was 2020 and usher in a whole new era of joy and blessings. By Jill Lawson

The year 2020 was a thorn in the sides of many. Now we have a chance to tie up any loose ends for a new year to come.

Looking forward to a positive future is on most people’s minds, especially after the last 12 challenging months. Our ability to let go of the past is crucial in embracing the blessings we wish for in 2021. If we are to manifest a happy new year fully, we must leave last year behind, entirely.

The following meditation will help guide you through the process of releasing the past so that you can restore your faith in the year ahead.

Do it now
Practice this meditation each night, as we enter the changing of the year. If possible, do it while the sun is setting. If that is not an option, meditate just before going to sleep.

From a comfortable position, take several deep breaths with the emphasis on each long and slow exhale. During each exhale, sense the passing of time as the eve of a new year approaches. Through each breath, and in each ticking second, set an intention to say goodbye to the past year. Make a vow to release any residual and unwanted feelings associated with it.

Feel your mind and body becoming lighter and more at ease.

Now, picture a sunset. In your mind’s eye, see the sun drop below the horizon, leaving behind a scattering of hued clouds. Imagine each cloud representing some element of 2020 that you would like to release. Review in your mind all that you wish to leave in the past. Worry not about what will come in the days ahead. Stay focused on your intention to say goodbye to last year’s misfortunes without fearing the unknown.

Next, watch the colours in the sky begin to fade. When the clouds dull, so will your residual feelings from the past. Let them go until you witness total darkness. In this darkness, the past is gone. You have released it along with ill feelings about it. There is no suffering, no disease, no worry, and no sadness at this time.

From this moment on, trust better things will come in 2021. Sleep with the mindset that the future is full of blessings. May you awaken at sunrise refreshed and with a positive frame of mind that sets all good things in motion.

Jill Lawson is a writer and yoga teacher enjoying life on the island of Maui in Hawaii (jilllawson.net)

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