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Home comforts

Home comforts

Fill your home with beautiful things for that studio-like experience

Home comforts

Yoga Bench

This unique multi-function yoga bench, which emerged from a partnership of Yoga Master Taisa and a master craftsman, combines comfort, safety, environmental awareness, quality and design. Useful to practice inversion postures without stressing the spine and neck muscles, you can also execute strength and balancing asanas on the bench. The yoga bench also becomes a low table with a unique wooden lid, the perfect addition to your cosy living room.

Home comforts

Mache Mat Storage Homi Tube

Give your yoga mat the proper home it deserves with ecofriendly Mache Tubes. Homi Tube is a friendly little yoga mat stand fashioned to fit into the tight corners of homes and studios. Built to stand while you flow, this designer tube will keep your sacred space clean and your mat ready to unroll, so you can practice easily and often. Lean, green, and clean, it is made of recycled, ultra-durable paper and built to last with a breathable, wooden end cap. Select from dozens of designer patterns. Consciously crafted by hand in the USA by a mission-driven, woman-owned small business.

Home comforts

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Raised Spirit CBD Hemp Candle You breathe what you burn…introducing the Raised Spirit hemp candle, infused with a bespoke blend of six pure, organic essential oils and 130mg full spectrum CBD. A woody base of empowering cedarwood combines with lavender to help relieve stress and restore balance, whilst herbaceous rosemary works in harmony with pine needle and a sweet orange top note to awaken the senses and purify your space. Light at any time of the day or night to raise your spirit and indulge in the healing properties of nature. 100% organic and vegan-friendly. 40 hours burn time.
£54.99 (275g)

Home comforts

Toesocks from TOETOE

Perfect for your toes and with amazing benefits for your feet. Unique balance: being aware of your toes improves feet function, so you can balance better. Optimum warmth: when toes move, the blood inside also moves and brings the right temperature, not too hot, not too cold. Toe exercise: if your toes move regularly, they will stay in their natural shape. Better hygiene: with ordinary socks, dirt and moisture pile up that causes smell. Free movement: flexible toes communicate better with the body to encourage good posture. Blister prevention: Toetoe socks stop your toes rubbing together when you walk, run, jog, play sport or workout.

Home comforts

Infinity Alignment Yoga & Meditation Mat

Infinity Alignment Therapy encourages you to reflect on yourself emotionally, physically and spiritually by working on your health through nutrition and healing. Therefore, if you are looking for a multifunctional mat, which can help relieve stress, anxiety and physical pain, look no further. Printed on the mat are music healing cards which provide unique vibrations that channel the solfeggio frequencies necessary for energy balancing and keeping the mind, body and soul in perfect harmony. Also, the comfortable and stylish design is impeccably printed on a soft fabric and natural base, so there is no need to wear it in.
£93.50 (from £110, with 15% discount)

Home comforts

Prolana Meditation Gear

Prolana has been producing ecological mattresses and bedding since 1987 and is a leading manufacturer in Germany. The company has started offering high-quality yoga and meditation products including cushions and pads (Zabutons) from its Allgäu manufacturing site. Robust and hard-wearing, they are the perfect companions for your home yoga and meditation practice. All cushions have an inlet with zipper, so the filling quantity can be adjusted according to individual needs. Spelt husks have proven their worth as filling for decades and give the cushions the necessary stability without lacking the flexibility and adaptability required for a wide variety of exercises and purposes. The cover made of half panama is hard-wearing and washable. Available in natural and anthracite colour.
€44.90 — Prolana Meditation Cushion Round Mini 25x8cm
€79.90 — Prolana Meditation Pad Zabuton (with straps) 80x80x4cm

Home Comforts

Solar Plexus Vase

Enhance your meditation practice with this bespoke sound vase. Helping you find your way to higher self-esteem and giving you the confidence to focus on creating your personal dreams. Sanskrit Name: Manipura. Seed Sound: Ram. Element: Fire. Pitch: E

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