Fire & Bliss Retreats

Fire & Bliss Retreats

Fire & Bliss Retreats have demonstrated their power to change lives, with a potent mix of yoga, healthy food, soul-soothing activities, laughter and connection. If you need a time out, or some transformation, maybe it's time to join them.

Imagine laying on a blanket-covered mat, making the limestone floor feel oddly comfortable. Feel that with each strike of the gong your worries and anxieties are less acute, melting away like wax off the candles that fill the room with a warm glow. More than a dozen Tibetan singing bowls are placed around the room – some on the floor, some on the bodies of other retreaters – all humming with a soothing sound. Palms up, eyes closed, the gentle scent of lavender from your eye pillow is mixing with the sweet scent of Palo Santo.

If you're craving that escape, peace and tranquility, but also a somewhat more challenging physical practice, you're not alone. The last few years have been extremely difficult and many of us feel the need to turn to a reset that is somewhat deeper than a beach holiday. We're looking for a time out that enables us to re-establish the connection within; to look after our bodies and souls in a way that is simultaneously nourishing, expansive and soothing. One of the places where you can experience this fine balance is at Fire & Bliss Retreat.

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Fire & Bliss Retreats was established in 2018 and started as a shared dream of a getaway that would be challenging and soul-soothing in equal measure. The retreats were built from a love of yoga, healthy eating and the connection between movement and mental wellbeing.

The dream has come true and Fire & Bliss is now one of the most popular retreats in the UK, with eight retreats each year held in luxurious but laidback venues in the Cotswolds and Devon. The retreat schedule is packed from the early morning with rocket, ashtanga or Jivamukti-inspired flow Vinyasa, Mandala Yoga, through to restorative and yin yoga, plus walking meditation.

For those needing extra TLC and a healthy dose of pampering, there's an outdoor hot tub and multiple treatments available. The co-creators of Fire & Bliss Retreats – Ale Manning and Ola Lirka – are both yoga teachers and sound healers, and at every weekend retreat they host, you'll also experience two evening sound baths, a form of meditation that studies suggest can alleviate stress, anxiety and depression

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Every retreat has a different theme: some are focused around seasonal transitions, others around the chakra system or the philosophy behind the eight limbs of yoga. Depending on your particular interest, you can find yourself exploring the idea of letting go, stoking your inner fire or opening your heart – metaphorically and on your mat through your asana practice. Each retreat ignites the artistic spark within, with creative workshops where participants can learn how to make a dream catcher, a macrame, draw a mandala or create a mood board to set an intention for the upcoming months.

The food is the specialty of Ola Lirke, who creates the most delicious and nutritious dishes in the kitchen – heart-warming, comforting and filling in the colder months, and lighter, energising recipes for when the weather is warmer. One thing is certain: you'll never go hungry at a Fire & Bliss retreat.

All retreats are designed to create lasting changes for physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. It is no surprise that half of the participants are returning guests – yogis often come back a couple of times a year and bring their friends or family to share the transformational experience with their loved ones.

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Here's what one retreat customer, Becky, had to say about her experiences:

"What an incredible weekend at the Fire & Bliss retreat with Ale and Ola and a wonderful group of yogis. Over the course of the weekend I found myself wth time and space to stop, reflect and push myself physically, leading to some really powerful energy shifts. I felt huge benefits from stepping out of my usual routine, arriving with an open heart and mind and immersing myself in 'all things yoga' within a supportive, fun and nurturing environment. The encouragement, companionship and support from the other yogis was truly beautiful. In addition, there was plentiful mouth-wateringly delicious fresh food, lots of laughter and beautiful and comfortable surroundings. Ale and Ola (and their team) are wonderful, knowledgeable teachers who were there to guide and encourage us all throughout the weekend. A magical massage from Gosia was the icing on the cake as well! I would recommend this experience to anyone."


Read more testimonies to learn how Fire & Bliss Retreats have transformed lives and rekindled participants' love for yoga and movement and how fabulous they've made them feel. You deserve to feel fabulous too! To join one of the Fire & Bliss Retreats visit:

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