Issue 138 – February 2023

Om Yoga Magazine

Welcome – February 2023

Contributors – February 2023

My Secret Place – Skälåker, Sweden

Skälåker, Sweden

Yoga changed my life – Carli Deal

Keep calm and carry on

The Happiness Explorer – February 2023

Living the teachings – Samskara


WIN! A weekend retreat for two with Fire and Bliss Yoga Retreats worth £1050

Find your dream teacher

Amazing Spaces – The Space to Breathe Collective

The Space to Breathe Collective

OM Loves – February 2023

Colour Flow Activewear

Colour Flow Activewear

Planet Yoga – February 2023

Yoga Anatomy: Upward-Facing Dog Pose (Urdhva Mukha Svanasana)

Upward-Facing Dog

Yoga at Home – Root to rise flow

OM meets… Vidya Heisel

Anytime yoga

Everyday wellness

Yoga and menstruation

Yoga Love: Valentine’s Special Report

Fall in love with your life with Tantra

The 6 learnings of acroyoga

Couple’s Valentine’s cacao ceremony

Man on the Mat – Namaskar Parsvakonasana

4 ways yoga improves mental wellbeing

4 ways yoga improves mental wellbeing

Special Report – Hot Yoga

6 benefits of sweating

6 benefits of sweating

The hot yoga effect

Hotpod Yoga: The hottest pod in town

Balance is dynamic: find your ballast

Cultivating mindful awareness to our thoughts and feelings

Mindful Awareness

The art of spirituality – The Spiritual Arts Foundation

The Spiritual Arts Foundation

Eat Drink Yoga – February 2023

Simple Vegan Chocolate Fondants

Thai Aubergine Curry

Cashew Cream and Beetroot Crostini

Good gut health

Good gut health

9 gut health-supporting foods

My Yoga Biz – Maria Fernandez-Corugedo

Ignorance is not bliss

Hold your bow steady

How do you choose to show up for yourself?

Show up for yourself

OM Books – February 2023

Yoga and cancer: how yoga helped one mum’s cancer journey

Yoga and cancer

Adopt don’t shop

Yoga is for every body – February 2023

Fire & Bliss Retreats – Fire up and bliss out

Fire & Bliss Retreats

Red Sea Diving Safari

Red Sea DIving Safari

Half a world away

Different strokes for different folks

Issue 138 – February 2023