Equestrian Pose (Ashwa Sanchalanasana)


This pose has many benefits. It gives a backward bend to the spine, which relaxes the back muscles. The main stretch is the pelvic region, to open up the groin and hips. It strengthens the legs, knees and ankles and also strengthens the muscles of the chest and increases lung capacity.

Common Mistakes

Not stepping the foot forward enough; the foot and hands should be aligned. Tensing the hips; it’s a common mistake to use the leg muscles to try to hold the hips up. Let go and release your hips to gravity so that you can experience a deep stretch.


If it’s too challenging to put your hands on the floor, use a block for support, or you can raise the palms off the ground, with only the fingertips in contact with the ground. This helps to increase the arch of the back.


Focus your awareness between the eyebrows, on the ajna chakra, which is directly linked with the mooladhara chakra. The energies in the pelvic region help to stimulate ajna. With the inhalation, prana flows upward through a nadi in the front of the thigh, moving further upward along the side of the body to the ajna chakra.

Ravi Dixit is an Indian yogi living and teaching in London (ravi.yoga).
Photo: Cecilia Cristolovean (yogaandphoto.com)

Equestrian Pose - Ravi Dixit

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