connect and accept

Connect and accept

A meditation to practice awareness and acceptance beyond the mat. By Jill Lawson

Yoga practices have been around for centuries, helping countless individuals strengthen the union of mind, body, spirit, and beyond. It’s no wonder that after a consistent practice, we get a glimpse of what it feels like to be on the path to enlightenment. As we edge toward a connection to the ‘grand reality’ we become more secure with the unknowns of life. We trust the processes of our mysterious universe, and we are more at ease with circumstances outside of our control.

However, it is difficult to maintain all the ways our lives improve with yoga, especially when we are inundated by the external stimulation of the modern world. We may relish in the good vibes immediately after a practice, but as soon as we return to the madness of society, our peaceful feelings fade and we find ourselves yearning for another dose of clarity, calm, and connectedness.

By paying attention to the nuances of your yoga practice, you can make your post-Savasana bliss last a lot longer. The following meditation will help you bridge the gap so the time away from your yoga mat doesn’t have you feeling frustrated, restless, or lost.

Do it now
Practice this guided imagery during the first few minutes of Savasana.

Give yourself the time and space to focus on the sensations you feel, rather than floating away into your usual post-yoga trance. For example, notice the parts of your body in contact with the mat, the floor, and your clothing. Notice with acuity and sharp awareness, but don’t judge what you feel. Sense the temperature of your skin. Tune in to the nuances of the warmth or the chill from your feet to your fingertips. Pay attention to the rate and depth of your breath, and so on. Stay present.

Now, from the depths of your soul, accept how you feel physically, mentally, and energetically. Acceptance is the key component to carrying your bliss beyond the yoga mat. When you connect with the way you feel, and then accept the way you feel, you will have fewer fluctuations of the mind to disrupt the peace that exists within you.

Continue this practice of awareness and acceptance beyond the mat. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t ever try to change the way you feel, it just means that you will more easily stay centred and focused on the connection you have with yourself, and ultimately, the joyful universe that surrounds you.

Jill Lawson is a writer and yoga teacher enjoying life on the island of Maui in Hawaii (

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