Whats your affirmation ?

An affirmation for self-acceptance and for change and possibility

“I am open to the
rhythm and flow of
life. I am accepting
of change, knowing
that change is full
of positive, endless

Change can be daunting as it’s the unknown.

Change shakes up our world as we know it.
We tend to be creatures of habit; we stay in our comfort zones, afraid at times to venture out.

When forced with change we may find ourselves having to create a different routine, making choices that we never thought we would need to do.
We may need to take a different career path because of a job loss.
We may go through a relationship breakdown and then go on to meet a different partner.
We may gain or lose weight, or go through the trauma of an illness and find ourself with a different looking physical body.
Our foundations can then feel somewhat shaky. We may start to resist change, making things more of a challenge for ourselves.
We can become angry, fearful, resentful or (fill in the blank) and that’s okay. It’s healthy to have emotions, to have feelings; feel what you’re feeling, acknowledge them and then get back in the flow knowing that life is full of such richness and endless possibilities.

Change is good, it’s full of possibility.

Can you view change as a bright new beginning, rather than an end?

There really is no growth without change.

Embrace change and know that all is well.

By Deb Mac (debmac.co.uk)

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