3 ways to winter-proof your yoga business

Banish the cold

Embrace the winter months whatever they throw your way. If that’s shooting video or online classes, make the sessions look warm and inviting with vibrant colours and fluffy rugs. Banish the cold outdoors. If you’re running group classes outside, then make the most of the fresh air and any sunshine that you can soak up. Get everyone breathing in and enjoying that wonderful natural Pranic energy. Wrap up warm if you have to. As one wise old soul once noted: there’s no such thing as the wrong weather, only the wrong clothing.

Light up the darkness

The nights get longer during the winter, so make the most of that. This is the perfect time for enjoying beautiful, scented candles or incense to enhance your practice and lessons. Yoga and aromatherapy go well together, so explore the multitude of options available to stimulate the senses. Gentle, candle-based meditations are another good idea, such as Tratak.


Connect over a cuppa

Sharing is caring: enjoying a nice cup of tea after a yoga class has long been a way for teachers and students to get to know one another. After the strangeness of 2020, there’s never been a better time to connect over a cuppa. Maybe now is a good time to extend that idea with a simple tea ceremony, to get your community together, chatting and sharing as before.

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