Yoga Stops Traffick!

Roll out your mat and support an amazing global yoga charity. By Siobhan McCarthy Morton

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Yoga Stops Traffick! is a global campaign run by UK charity Adventure Ashram, uniting yoga enthusiasts across the globe to raise awareness and funds for survivors of human trafficking. Every year it raises thousands of pounds to support survivors of human trafficking in India.

The money raised helps grassroots partner, the Odanadi Seva Trust, to provide safe shelter and therapeutic support for women and children affected by human trafficking, domestic violence, slavery and child marriage in South India. Survivors receive individually tailored support to help them heal from their trauma and rebuild their lives, including access to counselling, yoga, art and karate, as well as ongoing legal support and vocational training opportunities.

Since it was established over 30 years ago, Odanadi has helped more than 13,000 women and children who have experienced human trafficking, domestic violence, child slavery and domestic servitude. The Trust has also created programmes which have educated tens of thousands of men, women and children on the issue of sexual violence.  It is a truly empowering organisation and many of Odanadi's residents have gone on to follow their dreams, becoming lawyers, journalists, social workers, entrepreneurs, mechanics, beauticians, videographers and more.

Human trafficking involves the recruitment, harbouring or transportation of people into a situation of exploitation. This typically involves the use of violence, deception or coercion. According to the UN approximately 50 million people were living as modern slaves last year.

How to get involved :

There are lots of amazing opportunities to support this fantastic cause and join a global yoga community:

  • Host a fundraiser yoga class
  • Join an event taking place near you or online
  • Make a donation and become a regular donor
  • Help get more people involved by telling friends and family
  • Join the campaign and roll out your mat in solidarity with the young survivors of human trafficking in India: every year over 100 events take place in 25+ countries worldwide

Find out more about Yoga Stops Traffick! online at: and connect on social media @yogastopstraffick or you can meet in[1]person at Stand N10 at the OM Yoga Show. Siobhan McCarthy Morton is the CEO of Adventure Ashram, a small charity which runs the Yoga Stops Traffick! campaign

Take part in 3 Yoga Stops Traffi ck Open Classes at the OM Yoga Show – with Rach Cox from Om & Bass, supported by the legendary Dirish Shaktidas and Cosmic Kwali Kumara.

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