Yoga Rocks: Crete, Greece

Yoga Rocks

Retreat to Yoga Rocks, Crete

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Yoga Rocks runs friendly and accessible yoga retreats on the stunning south coast of Crete. Right by the sea, bed to beach is barely a two-minute trot. However, most choose to move a little slower and dive deep into rest and relaxation, fully encouraged by the helpful crew. Nothing here is compulsory – the perfect spot to recover from real life.

Guests, workers and dedicated teachers evolve each year into a deeper community and the team here do their utmost to support everyone, creating an atmosphere vibrant yet serene. Each retreat is different; some of the teachers have been practicing 40 years or more, each one organically creating an inclusive retreat.

There is yoga to suit most tastes. Offerings of self-practice Ashtanga contrast with funky flow and more traditional gentle Hatha yoga. This is not a retreat where you have to worry about where your yoga leggings are from. Enjoy your practice, lean into the subtleties, celebrate the nuances. With most weeks offering some form of pranayama or meditation, not only asana, you can also explore the subtler aspects of the ancient practice.

Food is massively important and Crete is lucky to boast amazing home-grown ingredients. The stunning scenery — wild beaches to rugged mountains and deep valleys — means perfect conditions for tasty fruit and veg, everything from bananas to avocados. Passionate chefs turn it into sumptuous, veggie buffets, offering local Greek dishes, through various curries, fresh salads to zingy sauces and veggie burgers with chips.

Massive treats are the sea and the beaches; deserted stretches of sand invite thorough investigation. Comfortable bays are perfect for relaxation and the swimming, jumping and snorkelling are out of this world. Further exploration of the surrounds is fun with shopping, history and donkeys available, but in truth, the only reason to leave Yoga Rocks is for the joy of returning.

Supporting you with the booking process and right through to arrival is one of the things this retreat does best. If you are travelling alone, need extra support or advice about which week might work for you, just ask the friendly and attentive team — they’ll be happy to help.

Yoga Rocks: Crete, Greece

Fantastic location, best food, great yoga teachers, simply one of the best places to feel good, relax, develop further, let yourself be inspired and let your mind wander.

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