Yoga Love: Valentine's Special Report

Whether you're a serial singleton, or you can't keep your wandering hands off 'the one', Valentine's is a great time to prioritise all things loves – and yoga can help

Love is all around us and even within us. You don't have to feel the power and pull of a partner, it is equally present in the self-love we show ourselves from day to day. And yoga can help us feel that energetic connection even more strongly, whether that's with yourself or with another special in your life.

In this report, we explore various key themes drawn from the world of yoga that can enhance our love connection, from the blissful rituals of a cacao ceremony, where we hold sacred space for ourselves, our partner and our relationship, to the almost intuitive learnings gleaned from acroyoga, the ultimate yoga double act.

We also draw on the realm of Tantra Yoga and its ancient wisdoms, which we can apply in a direct and practical way to improve our everyday experience of life and our sense of place in the universe. We highlight five ways to bring Tantra into your day that could transform how you live your life, turning the mundane into magic everywhere you go.

Tantra and other yogic practices can simultaneously feed our sense of self-worth, raising our self-esteem and fostering greater self-love. These are vital attributes if we are to honour love in all its magnificence and manifestations.

Above all, be open to love. If you find it, whether that's in the arms of a new lover or in the depths of a broken heart, cherish it and kindle that flame until it burns brightly. Let yoga show you the way.

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