Yoga for back care special

Yoga for back care - want to look out for your back? Then do some yoga.

We don’t often see our backs, unless we contort ourselves in front of the mirror, but it’s there…and running along the length of it is that magical spine of yours. One of the most complex pieces of kit in your anatomy, back care is something many people take for granted, at least, until it’s too late or you feel a twinge of pain (or worse!).

But prevention is always better than cure. Yoga is a great way to maintain a healthy lifestyle and one that supports your back and promotes good posture generally. Stick to a sensible, regular practice and your back will love you for it!

Great postures to stretch out a healthy back include cat/cow, eagle, mountain pose, child’s pose, cobra, extended side angle and good ol’ downward facing dog. All of these will bring benefits for a healthy practitioner, but if you’ve run into back trouble already then tread with caution…or at least seek out a qualified yoga instructor.

The good news is that there are yoga programmes out there designed even for people struggling with back pain in all its shapes and forms.

Recent studies have shown that appropriate yoga can be an effective and safe treatment for non-specific low back pain, for those restricted by back pain, or even fearful of movement.

Our special 14-page report will take a look at how yoga can help those experiencing back pain.

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