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Lucinda Ackland is now living her best life ever after yoga steered her back onto the path of wellness following a stroke and years of stress

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  • NAME: Lucinda Ackland
  • AGE: 56
  • OCCUPATION: Lensomy Lifestylist
  • YOGA YEARS: 3+ (daily practice)

Why did you start yoga

I had always gone to a yoga class on and off weekly over the years, which I enjoyed, but never had a daily routine. Then at the age of 41 I had a stroke which was life changing in many ways. Rehabilitation was gradual, and long-term my balance was greatly affected, even closing my eyes made me fall over. However, it was after a full hysterectomy at the age of 50 that I gradually became a yogi with a daily routine. Starting online, I subscribed to Yoga with Adriene on YouTube during lockdown and started showing up on my may during her 30-day home yoga journey. That gave me the confidence to keep going after the second attempt of completing it in the 30 days. Yet my dream was to flow without a screen in nature, especially on a beach.

How has yoga changed your life?

Yoga has given me back my life in every way, including my balance and confidence. I am stronger, fitter and far happier at 56 than I was in my thirties before illness. When I look back on my experience I can see how stress was the main culprit that broke me; even as a full-time, self-employed therapist life was exhausting. Embracing yoga and following ayurvedic principles I have returned home to nature and become balanced with a calm mind, body and spirit; the power of all three. Now, four-and-a-half stone lighter, I also have a healthy digestion without inflammation or dis-ease.

Best yoga moment?

Joining an online traditional ayurveda yoga challenge with Dr Deepa Apte on Zoom. She taught a small group over 15 days to practice 12 sun salutations the traditional way with mantras – truly life-changing, and that's when the final magical ingredient brought me back to perfect health, wealth and harmony.

Favourite yoga haunts?

In nature! I am very blessed to live in Dorset (I moved a year ago) and have access to the beach 24/7 with a five-minute drive or 30-minute walk across the fields. My garden is where I greet the sun every morning as I practice Suyra Namaskar, with the full 12 salutes. I also belong to a local beach and paddle board yoga class. Great manifesting!

Anything else

It might have taken me 56 years to connect to my true inner nature but I wouldn't change a thing as I have gained wisdom and now can share! Yoga has enabled me to live a full human experience and every day I wake up my heart sings. Another day of loving life and it loving me back because I am living and teaching a Lensomy (old Sanskrit for unconditional love) lifestyle!

Find Lucinda Ackland online at on Instagram @lensomylifestylist

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