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If she's moving and stretching her body, then Heike Petersen Cunza, the founder of Wellicious yoga wear, is a happy bunny

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  • NAME: Heike Petersen Cunza
  • AGE: 48
  • OCCUPATION: Founder of Wellicious yoga wear brand
  • YOGA YEARS: 23

Why did you start yoga

I cannot remember exactly why I started doing yoga, but by chance, I attended a yoga class in Germany before moving to London, and just fell in love with it. In the beginning, I started doing yoga two or three days a week, however, for the past 18 years, I have been practicing yoga daily and it has changed my life for the better.

How has yoga changed your life?

Yoga is part of my daily routine and lifestyle. I simply love it! I love eating healthily, meditating, and taking care of the planet by trying to live more sustainably. At the same time, I also enjoy life and listen to my body, so if I'm craving treats of a glass of wine, then I just do it! Yoga reminds me to live in the present and nurture both the people around me and myself.

Favourite yoga haunts

I absolutely love doing yoga alongside nature in the fresh air, so in the mountains or at the beach. When I travel, I try to seek out  beautiful spots to practice yoga, but honestly, so long as I am moving and stretching, I am very happy wherever I do yoga.

Best yoga moment

Oh, I have so many! I love being taught new yoga poses and exercises by inspiring yoga teachers. My favourite poses to do are  inversions, such as headstands and legs-up-wall pose, as they make me feel young and full of energy. Inversions were particularly effective at helping me get through the menopause. I also enjoy the feeling after my yoga class, especially after practicing savasana. Finally, I love practicing yoga with a group of friends and sharing the experience.

Anything else

Yoga has encouraged me to be the person that I am today, it has been a constant source of joy and grounding in my life for so many years. It has inspired me both personally and professionally, as I am now also the owner of Wellicious, a sustainable and circular yoga
clothing business.

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