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Benzoin Oil (Styrax Benzoin)

March sees us moving into Spring, time to embrace a new season. A lovely oil to use around this changing period is benzoin oil (styrax benzoin). It comes from the sap of the Styraceae tree and is a very heavy and resinous oil that is surprisingly sweet and warm, which makes it wonderful to use around this transitional time of year. Its warming, calming qualities help uplift and soothe any leftover winter physical or emotional symptoms.

A couple of drops mixed well in a carrier oil and massaged into the skin will raise and lift your mood and energy. This will also have the added benefit of warming the muscles and joints, boosting any sluggish winter circulation and releasing physical or emotional tensions. It’s a very thick oil, so make sure you mix it well when blending and only use a few drops.
It also works wonders at easing any stress or anxiety. Place a couple of drops in a stone-type oil burner and allow the sweet oil to soothe and calm you; this will also help remove any lingering winter coughs and colds. Only use a stone-type diffuser rather than an ultrasonic one as this resinous oil can easily clog them up and make
them unusable.

It’s so good at easing tensions that it will make you feel relaxed and sleepy, so use with caution and in the evenings, or when you are able to fully unwind and really enjoy this beautiful oil

Julia White is a yoga teacher and aromatherapist (

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