Yin Yoga Special Report

Yin Yoga Special Report

Yin yoga offers a brief respite from the chaotic, often abrasive world outside; a space for cultivating calm and for restoring the body back to its natural, default settings. This gentle style - a slow and subtle form of yoga, holding postures for a little long - has become incredibly popular in studios nationwide in recent time.

Our 13 page special report explores the practice, and discovers why so many people are turning to this type of practice.

  • Why is yin so in? Miriam Rodway explores why it has become so popular as a counter to the everyday stresses of modern life.
  • What is it? A personal perspective on the principles, practice and potential, by Simon Low.
  • Yin yoga with mindfulness. Exploring how it ties in with elements of mindfulness and other ancient wisdom, by Paula Ahlberg.
  • Are you in with the yin crowd? Yoga instructor Rebecca Shepherd, who originally trained in Bikram, explains what drew her to the 'yin crowd.'
  • Swan sequence - a gentle yin sequence based on the swan series of poses, by Regina Kerschbaumer.

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