Warrior I – Brendon Payne

Brendon Payne guides us through Warrior I, or Virabhadrasana I. This is a focusing and strengthening pose that is often used as part of a sequence. 


Benefits of Warrior I

The lengthening, static hold will create long lean muscles. This pose strengthens breath control. It improves your focus, circulation, respiratory function and balance.

Common Mistakes

Misalignment of the front leg is common. In an attempt to deepen the lunge, many times the knee will extend past the ankle (over the foot). Often people forget to square the hips. Squaring the hips allows release of muscular and skeletal strain.



  • It may be helpful to bring your hands to prayer, which will relieve pressure in the shoulders.
  • To fully activate the arms and side body, rotate the pinky side of your arms inward.


Like every pose, your alignment will be very important in this pose. Be sure to stack your joints, shoulder over wrist and knee over ankle. Keep the edge of your back foot pressed into the mat. This will help you keep that back leg strong and straight. Now you are reaching, twisting, pushing, stretching, and of course breathing. Body awareness is key as you are effortlessly doing many different things with your body.

Brendon Payne is a US-based yoga teacher. Follow him on Instagram at @sequellife_BP

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