Warrior 2 – Adam Husler

Adam Husler takes us through Warrior 2 (Virabhadrasana II) – a powerful, energising standing pose. It is a pose that is suitable for any level, from beginners to the more experienced yogi.



Warrior 2 is a pose that should get harder over time, as you begin to understand the intricacies of it and develop the bodily awareness to move deeper into it. Dual actions of stretching and strengthening will appear all over the body, through which you’ll be able to build endurance and inner fire.

Common Mistakes

  • The Superman; resist the urge to laterally tilt the pelvis forward; i.e. don’t lean forward towards the front of the mat, but keep hip points/waistband level.
  • The Proud Warrior: Avoid sticking the chest up, belly out and hip points down, but instead find some engagement in the front body by lengthening the tailbone down, drawing your pubic area up and engaging lower abdominals.


  • If you’re feeling like you could hold the pose all day, then perhaps you’re not in it; check in with your alignment.
  • Align front knee towards 2nd/3rd toe on the front foot, allowing the leg to externally rotate and sit bone to tuck under.
  • Engage your back leg thoroughly and allow the thigh to be slightly rotating upward.
  • Relax the shoulders away from the ears but then lengthen the arms, leading with the fingertips.


You have control over the intensity, but prepare to take a journey of physical and mental self-enquiry through this complex pose.


Adam Husler is a London-based, internally teaching, alignment focused vinyasa teacher. Find him @adamhusler and adamhusler.com

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