Visual manifestation: a simple guide

Why visual manifestation can help to deliver the future you're looking for. By Lora Starling

The process of manifesting your thoughts into reality, and indeed the future you want, is also referred to as the Law of Attraction. This is the belief that different types of thoughts attract different experiences within a person's life.

For example, positive thoughts bring positive experiences and negative thoughts bring negative experiences. this theory is based on the idea that individuals and their beliefs are produced using 'pure energy'. This energy attracts success in all aspects of life including, health, wealth, and relationships.

If our thoughts create our reality, how do we get to that sweet space where our thoughts become like the empty space that forms our universe, to the source from where we can create? This is the space beyond our logical mind, where we can connect and communicate with the quantum world and beyond the world full of busy-ness that is filled with a host of distractions tempting us to others' visions of success. Whether it is a brand, a football team or a religion, there is much to be gained by enrolling others to hasten their manifestation. But if we can suspend our attachments, our likes, dislikes and the longing to belong to, and be distracted by, someone else's outside offer then we can reach a space that is truly ours to own. A space with room to fill with our own dreams and one from where we can create the future we truly long for.

Access creative space

Yoga, meditation, shamanic journeying and even our imagination can help us reach this space. It may be hard to grasp – the very notion usually makes it disappear. But when we are there, we can create magic. Ours. We can set the stage to manifest the future we want.

Of course, the first, and most vital part is to make sure what we really want is really what we want. Try to trust that the details will be sorted out in the process; it can hind the flow if we start specifying hair colour, money amounts, time constraints or similar restricting factors. Once we are clear, we are ready to begin the manifestation process.

It is what we do when we are on our empty stage which is vital to the power of our ability to manifest. One of the most authentic methods for this is to imprint our dream onto one or two words, phrases, images and colours. This is the first incarnation of our desire and gives us something to share, nurture and grow. This can even work for global brands which identify themselves with these elements incorporated into their specially designed logos. Each of these designs is imprinted with their vision of success and delivered conveniently into the world to manifest for them. We can all do this.

Put it into practice

So, how to put it into practice? Keep it simple and imagine a special space that feels sacred to you. You can also try meditation, yoga and journeying to help with this. Each of these methods has its own merits and maybe challenges. It is a personal thing, so find a method that works for you and one that takes you to the stillest mind space.

When you are in this space, imagine, in your mind's eye, your vision, brightly. It is yours. Forever, a part of your life and perfect. The next stage, and one of the most important, is now to feel it, deeply. In every cell in your body. Own its presence. Really watch your feelings: this is your space. Peace, fulfilment and happiness might suggest a beautiful, solid and scalable mountain, for example; anger, frustration and impatience may evoke a volcano.

Now, identify it. If this feeling had a name, what would it be? Not the name of your vision, but the feeling that evokes and describes it. That identifies its completion. Dig deep, and avoid the mundane. The word can be made up as long as it feels right. Next, does a symbol come to mind? What shape? It may be an animal, bird or plant, or it may be an abstract shape. Describe it and observe the details. Is the animal sitting or running? Is the bird flying or in a nest; maybe it is an egg. If an abstract shape appears, is it sharp or with a rounded outline, or filled with one or more colours? Are any other colours presented? If so, what are the exact shades and hues? Be as precise as you like and amend the details as much as you like until your vision is identified in these powerful elements.

Bringing it all together

Place all these elements together, in your mind, in a way that suits your vision. Use coloured pens and paper if it helps. When the combination pleases you, if it feels like it is speaking back to you, then you know you have that quantum connection and a tool to help you manifest.

Throw this image into a room, imagine being inside it, and send it, projected, into your heart and out to the universe in as many ways as you can, limited only by your limitless imagination.

This is how we build and manifest the future we want.


Lora Starling is a successful designer with over 30 years of experience running her own graphic design business in London. Merging conventional design excellence with spiritual wisdom she creates logos that enable her clients envision and attract the future they want using the same tools as global brands. Find out more at

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