Time to Unwind

Time to Unwind – 8 Simple ways to slow down and restore balance

Walk: Solo-style in a forest or other natural area, barefoot. Clear your mind, and connect your body and being to the Earth; deeply breathe in the surrounding air.

Turn off electronics: Electromagnetic fields do their part to create feelings of imbalance within our minds and bodies. Turning off lights, computers, radios and switching your phone to airplane mode for long stretches during each day (and night) gives your body a break from constantly trying to find balance against these frequencies.

Focus on yourself: Release the notion that you always need to be focused on household, family and/or work-related matters. Feel good taking a yoga class, watching a movie, scheduling a massage, or losing yourself in a good book.

Say no: If you feel exhausted, learn to turn down social engagements or other events and requests.

Take a break from social media: Social media sites are an amazing and easy way to stay up-to-date and connected with friends and family. Occasionally forgoing your computer time and opting for face-to-face connections or other enjoyable activities can help you feel more balanced and present.

Sleep soundly: Allowing our physical bodies to take a break, clean up, re-calibrate and repair is essential to good health.

Write: Working out thoughts on screen or paper can be a really effective way to organise and/or release mental chatter. Writing offers up a way to take conscientious time to think about how we’re feeling, what we’re wanting and envisioning and move it from (maybe constant) mind play to a more tangible space, which can be easily accessed later.

Breathe deeply: Make time to sit still and to focus on deep, belly breathing. Breathing deeply eases all areas of our body and being into a tranquil and present space. The far-reaching benefits of managing stress in this way are phenomenal.

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