The Yoga of Awareness

The Yoga of Awareness – So what exactly is Kundalini yoga all about? By Ishwara Kaur.

Kundalini yoga, as taught by Yogi Bhajan, incorporates all aspects of yoga. It works with the physical body, the breath, focus points, the sound vibration (mantras) and meditation. In Kundalini yoga, we first connect to the lineage, through the chanting of a specific mantra. The physical body is then prepared for meditation through a series of dynamic exercises which are synchronised with the breath.

A deep relaxation follows the physical work so that we are ready for meditation. After the meditation, a mantra is chanted to bring the practice to a close. Kundalini yoga meditations work to cleanse the subconscious mind. A lot of our behaviour and ways of thinking are the repetition of old patterns that no longer serve us. Cleansing the subconscious mind clears away these patterns, leaving us with feelings of freedom and the possibility to live our potential. As long as our subconscious patterns remain the same, we will continue to live in the same way. This is a core aspect of Kundalini yoga and why those people that practice it usually experience significant life changes.

Central to the Kundalini yoga is the sound vibration (sacred mantras). We all have the experience that we feel different depending on the kind of music we listen to. When we chant sacred mantras which have been shown to be linked to particular virtues (such as compassion or humility), then these virtues enter more deeply into our lives. There is scientific evidence for this. Kundalini yoga is a doorway to a spiritual path. It contains teachings that relate to all aspects of our lives. If we feel inspired, we can live these teachings in every moment, thereby entering a spiritual path consciously. Of course, this is not a requirement of the practice, it is a possibility when the longing is within us.

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