The Yoga Class is a digital studio and app full of nourishing low-impact movement to improve and sustain strength, flexibility, tone, mobility and posture, reduce anxiety, calm the mind and create a stronger body mind connection. It’s about coming home to you! Expect informative, innovative, enjoyable and effective low-impact classes, across multiple styles of yoga — beginners, vinyasa, power, skills, yin and restorative — plus pilates, barre, active recovery sessions, meditation, breath-work and dedicated pre- and post-natal sections.

Classes range from 10-60 minutes, categorised by style, level, length and target area, making it easy to choose a class for however you feel from one day to the next.

What’s great about it?

The Yoga Class was set up by experienced yoga and meditation teacher, mother and model, Laura Dodd, with the aim to empower clients to unfold this transformational practice for body and mind. She has worked with a wide range of celebrity clients, is a contributing writer to OM, hosts luxury global retreats and has specially selected a team of top UK teachers, who share her ethos.

The Yoga Class offers a transformational workout for body and mind, through yoga, movement and meditation, wherever you are in the world and whenever you need it. Feel like you are stepping into a bright and airy yoga studio, designed to inspire you to move and breathe — wherever you are. Enjoy easy access to all your favourite classes through the easy-to-navigate apps and digital studio.

All classes work with the breath as an anchor and guide, to calm the mind and connect into you through a moving meditation. Discover nurturing, innovative and effective classes to strengthen and mobilise the body and calm the mind, across a wide range of yoga, movement and meditation styles and categories. There is always a class suitable for how you feel!

Discover a free four-week beginner programme and comprehensive, safe and specialist programmes for each stage pre-and post-natal, along with personalised support and extras from the team.

Community buzz

Expect monthly newsletters with personal themes, tips, thoughts, discount codes, special offers, giveaways and regular online challenges to keep you motivated and help support.


Connect with a workout buddy to keep you motivated and share your thoughts, feelings and progress with and comment on the community forum. All queries are personally answered by Laura Dodd or the team, on classes, postures or alignment.

There is also the opportunity to have personalised class pathways created for you after a consultation. Any private clients will have complimentary and personalised class pathways created and also receive a substantial discount to the app and digital studio. Plus all members signed up to the newsletter have first access and early bird pricing to award-winning retreats!

Free stuff

14-day free trial. Plus regular offers, discounts and giveaways via the newsletter. Special offer if you sign up between before 30 September 2022 — get 40% off first three months subscription, using code OMMAGAZINE

5 reasons to sign up

  • Practice enjoyable, breath-led classes with some of the UK’s top teachers.
  • Move the body to still the mind, through nourishing, effective and informative classes across 14 styles of yoga, movement and meditation.
  • Sessions range from 10-60 minutes and are categorised by style, level and length, making it easy to choose a class for how you feel one day to the next.
  • iOS and Android Apps for easy access to over 250+ classes.
  • New content added weekly.

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