The Magic of Cacao

The Magic of Cacao

Exploring the powerful benefits of ceremonial grade cacao and the work of yoga teacher, Liam Browne, founder of Full Power Cacao

Cacao is an ancient plant medicine, a wisdom keeper, a teacher and a facilitator. It is seen as one of the world's greatest heart-opening medicines. It is packed full of vitamins and minerals, increases blood flow to the brain, which improves focus and concentration, making it perfect for meditation, yoga and creative pursuits.

Cacao supports the healing journey, helps the body to heal, and gives your immune system a divine boost. It can help us gain clarity in the areas of love, purpose, intuition, career and personal growth. What’s not to love?

Many people have already started to replace their daily coffee (which can make them over-stimulated and jittery), with cacao….a little cup of energy, power and love. It is said that coffee is a cup of anxiety while cacao is a cup of love, joy and abundance.


A gift from history

And it has quite a history behind it too. Cacao was used by the indigenous healers of Mayan and Aztec communities to enhance their journeying and connect people deeply to the essence of creation. Every plant has its spirit. Since the dawn of creation, humans and nature lived together in harmony and saw plants as intelligent, conscious beings and healers in their own right. Like singer Bob Marley said: “There’s an herb for every system, every organ, every gland and every tissue of our body. Mother Nature has put medicine in our food”.

It is said that whenever the balance between humans and nature becomes threatened, cacao comes from the rainforest to open people's hearts and return us all to harmony. We can see from the increased awareness and popularity for ceremonial grade cacao and cacao ceremonies that this is starting to happen on a global level. Cacao is the medicine of the heart, and expands that heart energy through the whole body, shining a light on all that is not in alignment with our soul purpose.

Cacao was given the Latin name ‘Theobroma’ which translates to ‘food of the gods’ and is the only food on the planet that contains a chemical called Anandamide. Ananda in Sanskrit means bliss. Basically every time you drink cacao you are ingesting the bliss chemical, which works as a natural antidepressant and mood enhancer. Cacao releases oxytocin, (the so called ‘love hormone’) endorphins and serotonin and brings about a feeling of peacefulness, contentment and connection with others. That's why after a cacao ceremony everyone feels like a little family!

What is ceremonial grade?

Ceremonial grade cacao is something special altogether. This is not your regular chocolate or cacao that you will find in a supermarket. Ceremonial grade cacao has a higher quantity of the beneficial and conscious-altering compounds than even health food store cacao. Ceremonial grade is chosen by the shaman or cacaoistas for its energetic content, vibration and healing ability during ceremony. Mass produced chocolate found in most of our shops is missing around 99% of the active compounds found in ceremonial grade cacao and even the better brands are missing around 80%. So with ceremonial grade cacao you really are getting all the superfood benefits.


Full power cacao

The idea behind Full Power Cacao came in 2012 when founder Liam Browne was on a pilgrimage in Guatemala for the end of the Mayan Calendar. On his spiritual quest, he met the chocolate shaman ‘Keith’ who he worked closely with and discovered the ancient hidden healing secrets of The Cacao Medicine. Since then, Browne has been developing his own unique healing cacao ceremonies where he incorporates sacred shamanic and yogic traditions with his own modern twists of music, spoken word, poetry and laughter. Ten years on and he launched Full Power Cacao which is opening hearts all over the world. He is now holding cacao ceremonies for hundreds of people at festivals and events and has even started his own cacao facilitator training school. His graduates are spreading the magic of cacao all over the world.

So what is a cacao ceremony?

Full Power Cacao ceremonies create a container to honour the great plant medicine cacao, calling in the spirit of Lady Cacao, the angelic realms and the highest vibrational guides, setting the energy of the ceremony beautifully. Browne has a fierce determination to bring positive growth to your life and ensure the ceremony will catapult you towards your own personal greatness. The ceremonies open the heart, show you the ‘stuff’ you need to release and get you ready for shining your light onto the whole world. Shamanic drumming is used to shift your energy to that of a sacred healing space in the Amazon. A deep guided meditation connects you to the earth and opens you up to the universe, taking you face to face with the areas of your life that you need to cleanse, process, sit with and overcome. With this space created, the essence, truth and magic of who you really are can shine forth. Whilst in this deep meditative state, Browne plays the harmonium and sings divine mantras to open up the space to cosmic consciousness. As the healing energies pour in the divine goddess, Paulina ‘Amora’ Griffin, and some of the team of healers provide body work, hands-on healing and entity removal, shifting old energies and traumas and bringing people back into alignment. Music accompanies every aspect of the ceremony, which has been carefully curated to enhance your experience and at points allows you the opportunity to move, shake and wake your body through dance, shifting any residual energies still needing to be released so you are ready to take the new you back out into the world with power and grace.

You leave feeling empowered, rejuvenated and with a new thirst for life knowing you have just experienced something super powerful.


Is a full power cacao ceremony for me?

Wherever you are on your spiritual path a cacao ceremony can be a really positive upgrade. It allows you to drop the stuff that is not serving you, take responsibility for your life and become committed to stepping into your fullest potential. Most importantly, the Full Power Cacao team gives you the inspiration and permission to commit to positive actions which will start moving you towards your soul’s path and a life of happiness. They know that nothing happens without action and they encourage everyone to commit to making the necessary changes immediately. As Paramahans Yogananda states: "Everything else can wait, but your search for God cannot wait”. Browne and his team have witnessed magical transformations in people attending their ceremonies, from coming off a cocktail of strong medications to needing none, healing PTSD, going from unemployed to finding a purpose and work, finding happiness after long-term depression and releasing relationships that are toxic and disempowering. His graduates have also stepped up and are headlining festivals and creating their own unique ceremonies and divine path.

What are the benefits of a cacao ceremony?

A Full Power Cacao ceremony gives you time for yourself in a hectic and stressful world. It is the perfect space to switch off the outside chaos and journey into the silence. There we can become clearer of who we are, where we are going, and see the opportunities available to us. Ceremonial grade cacao will open the heart and turn off the internal chatter of the mind…the 'citta vrittis’ in yoga. In this altered state we tune into the stillness where we can bear witness to ideas and truths that feel divine. The ceremonial setting allows the magic of cacao to ignite your inner fire and feel a drive towards improving all aspects of your life.
You’ll also be using the finest ceremonial grade cacao on the planet, ethically sourced in Venezuela and energetically blessed in Manchester with the highest vibrational energy by Liam Browne and Paulina ‘Amora’ Griffin.

Browne has been a yoga teacher for the past six years, mainly teaching the Ashtanga and Jivamukti methods combined with his own creation, Yoga Rave. However, he feels that his cacao ceremonies are the most powerful and fastest way to propel people towards self-realisation and enlightenment, which is the purpose of all yoga.

He has been chosen by the spirit of Cacao to put goodness back into the bellies of humanity allowing them to rediscover the magical and sacred qualities of this ancient plant medicine. He is committed to sharing this heart opening medicine with the world. Full Power Cacao wants to take you on a journey to live fully in your heart space and make decisions based on that inner wisdom…this is not only best for our own happiness and success, but improves the quality of life for the whole planet!

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